Monday, April 4, 2016

A different kind of story

I know I started this blog to discuss classical music within an artistic, social or political context. However, I have decided to open this platform as a mean to write whenever I found something worth of discussion, and given the fact the state of the world finds itself at stake given the rise of extremism nearly everywhere, I think it’s necessary to speak up before it is too late (yet again…)

Some months ago, I read in a popular science divulgation journal about the characteristics of a psychopath; of how such a person can be actually a “non-aggressive” entity throughout its life; of how such a psychological trait can actually be beneficial to some careers and finally of why it must be considered an illness. (Link: The global release of the “Panama Papers” this morning seems to become a confirmation of all the ideas collected in the former article.
The fact that several presidents and oligarchs hid their secret funding for wars, sexual exploitation and other heinous crimes against mankind or nature is flabbergasting and disgusting at the same time, and the fact that a small firm of lawyers in a country allowed the proliferation of such activities is equally repulsive. It makes you think this world is truly owned by psychopaths, and thus make understandable why every existing economic, social and political system is doomed to fail ultimately; it is left then to scientists to prove my claims false or to corroborate them.

I want you just to think about these claims briefly: just see every postulate that has surged from the fall of the last existing system to its end. From the triumph of Christianity in Rome to the French Revolution and to the creation of the United Nations, almost all of them promise to end all injustices issued from unfair economic and political systems (the slavery of Rome, the inequality of rights under absolute monarchy, the necessity of assuring world peace). However, and during the development of new these new forms of governance, there were certain individuals who eventually turned these sweet utopias into nightmares: from Popes who acted as kings and tyrants and subjugated militarily any Italian population who questioned their rule in the Middle Ages, to French and British colonialists who denied the establishment of democratic rule in their African colonies during the 19th Century, to the nowadays greedy tycoon who conceals its money in tax free paradises to avoid its adequate redistribution; all of these are unequivocal psychopathic traits of people who has risen into power just for domination sake. No “reptilian aliens” or NWO theories required; just plain humans with a gigantic ego and lack of empathy! Just in a few separate cases joined with a plundering common cause.

Some may say “well, that is how it has always been, we cannot change that” or even justify their actions through some kind of fallacy filled argument such as “theory of evolution states the survival of the fittest”, but let me tell you we can, we actually can but first we must throw ourselves out of our internalized oppression; which in many cases has been preset by such people to assure their passive psychopathy will continue to perpetuate. Secondly, while in the natural order of the Earth theory of evolution states the survival of the fittest, its co-discoverer Alfred Russel Wallace considered that socially applied Darwinism would contribute to perpetuate unfairness, because unfortunately “society has been corrupted [by power] to determine who is fit and who is not”; again, a matter of oppression.
However, the problem resides in the fact we are made to believe that we are at their mercy when those psychopaths in power are actually few; thus they have become arrogant. Also, this goes beyond fighting a common cause: it has become also a matter of survival in a world where economical resources are going scarce thanks to their efforts of dividing and conquering. Certainly strong actions will be required against them, some going even further than denunciations before the International Penal Court as sponsors of terrorism and crimes against humanity; maybe a Zizekian heresy might be needed in such cases, maybe then they might understand, much in spite their lack of empathy, what terror means.
Sebastian Rodriguez Mayen.

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